Our building is normally open between 9am and 5pm daily if you would like to come and have a look around. It has a paved path leading from the Market Square to the front doors.

One of these outer doors is usually bolted and will need unbolting to accommodate wheelchair access – the bolt is out of reach of someone in a chair and the second set of doors leading into the main area of the building are currently very heavy and can be difficult to open. (But replacement hinges are on order.) During services and other events there will always be someone around to help but if you would like to visit the church to have a look around at another time and may require assistance with the doors please contact the office and we can arrange for someone to meet you.

There are 2 car parking spaces reserved for disabled motorists in the Market Square and there is also space to park just outside the front doors to the church. The church has 2 toilets which are open during services and other events. They are located in the Church Cottage, next door to the church, accessed via a cobbled path and 1 step. The nearest wheelchair accessible toilet and infant changing facility (+ great coffee) are located a few doors down on the Market Square at Lynwoods café.

Our children’s groups meet in the Church Cottage, next door to the church, and there are 15 narrow steps to the second floor rooms where the children currently meet. However, there are rooms on the ground floor that could be used instead if needed.

We have a hearing aid loop which is in use during services and large print service booklets are available – as are gluten free wafers. You are very welcome to request that communion be brought to you in the pews, if access to the communion table is difficult.

We are always keen to hear from you if you have had a positive experience at St Lawrence or if you have some suggestions for improvements. Please contact the Parish Office on 01367 358 653 or info@stlawrencelechlade.org.uk.