There are two ways to join us for our regular weekly Wednesday and Thursday virtual gatherings – online or via telephone.  The instructions are the same for both meetings, except that the meetings have different web links, meeting ID numbers and passcodes. 
Please note: for security these details are to be found in the Parish emails that are regularly issued at the moment to those opted in on our database, or directly from the Vicar.


You will need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with speaker or headphones.  We are using ‘Zoom’, available online or as an app depending on your device.  

  • Click on the meeting link for the relevant meeting OR copy and paste the link into the address bar at the top of a web browser on your device (eg Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer).
  • Following this link will take you to a webpage where you can join in through your browser, or you may be prompted to download an app.  At this point you will need the weblink for the meeting, the meeting ID and the passcode (see above note on how to obtain these details). 
  • Once the software / app has started, you’ll be asked to choose to join the meeting by clicking ‘Join Meeting’ on your screen.
  • If you’re asked what audio you’d like to use, select ‘join with computer audio’.
  • You will be placed into a ‘waiting room’ until the meeting begins.

Via telephone (landline or older style mobiles):

If you don’t have a device which can access the internet, you can also join in by listening via your telephone. Please note the phone numbers used are London numbers and calls will be charged as a normal telephone call on your telephone bill.  To join a meeting you will need the meeting ID and passcode (see note above for where to obtain these)

  • At 7:20pm on Thursday or 9:55am on Wednesday dial either 020 3481 5237 or 020 3481 5240.
  • When prompted, enter the meeting ID, and the passcode.